Ruger 10-22 PRO 80% jig
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This jig assembly is designed specifically for 80% Ruger 10/22 style receivers with the integral picatinny rail. This unit accurately locates and provides rigid supports for all of the required drilling holes. The entire receiver can be done on a drill press inside this jig and without a mill.

As the photos show, considerable time was spent in the design and manufacture of this jig as well as creating the very detailed color 3D cutaway CAD drawings included in the instructions.  Instructions are attached to the email when the USPS tracking number is sent.  The magazine retaining hole has its own external drilling support assembly for the proper drilling angle from a drill press. The buttstock drilling assist block supports drilling so that no ‘walking’ can occur. There is also a second front plate for enlarging the pilot holes from the first plate. All of these internal and external devices allow the receiver to remain within the “safe” confines of the jig for the duration of the work. A patent has been applied for (patent pending).


These receivers are readily available and are even slightly less in price than their AR counterparts.  In addition, I added some other unique optional features, like the rear barrel bore cleaning hole and a “locked bolt” drill-in hole when using suppressors for stealth-like operation (the elimination of firearm cycling loading/ejecting noise).

 This jig along with all of the others that I design, manufacture, and sell, was “over-engineered” for those who value their time and money.  Since I have attempted to foresee and surmount any and all possible errors which could happen during your construction(s), the possibility of your making mistakes approaches zero.


Nothing is more disappointing than a mishap that requires a replacement receiver.  Not only is there a monetary loss, but there is also the frustration factor due to the lost time in the work thus far, perhaps a broken tool or fixture, then there is the wait involved for the replacements to arrive from the other supplier via shipping.  Now what should have been reasonably fun has become work.  Those frustrations only follow my competitors’ sales and not my clients.


I also welcome design requests and if possible will accommodate those in future product revisions.  Few other sellers will boast of that.


I also sell a hard anodized 80% 10/22 receiver with an extended picatinny rail and pre-drilled magazine well hole which eliminates the long drill and the increased chance of inadvertantly piercing the receiver, rendering it useless.


The quality of all aspects of these kits will give the utmost confidence for the completion of your 80% receiver.  Take the time to notice all of the details including the engravings on the parts themselves in in the YouTube videos.


This fixture may be lawfully owned by anyone, but you (the purchaser) are solely responsible for how this item is used and I (the seller) shall not be held accountable for any misuse of this drilling jig by you (the purchaser), whether Class II or not. It is important to remember that to fully comply with ATF’s “home made” rulings, make certain that whatever manufacturer’s 80% receiver you decide to start with has not had any type of prior work done (even including work done by a friend) in the barrel area or having any drilled holes (which includes any kind of top, bottom, or side holes, marked holes, or even depressions/grooves). If it has, it would no longer meet the 80% criteria and therefore would already be classified by ATF as a live firearm and your work on it (unless you are already a Class II manufacturer) would immediately put you (the purchaser) at risk for violating the Gun Control Act.

My products are made in America, by Americans, for Americans.

Shipping is $20 by USPS priority mail. 

To see videos depicting both this item and the rest of my product line, click the link below.




Sales outside of the United States have to be transacted via telephone with credit card information exchanged.  Extra shipping and insurance fees as well as paperwork filings are involved.


After purchasing my jig, your credit card statement will show the following as the vendor:





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I was faithfully hoping I would get to miss all of this.


Don’t ever forget that the Supreme Court has ruled that police (at any level of government), DO NOT have the constitutional duty to protect you. That is and always has been solely up to you.





Ruger 10-22 PRO 80% jig

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