H & K modification jig for SEF box to convert semi receivers
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This jig assembly is designed specifically for the semi-auto versions sold by other manufacturers and is to be used by Type 07 FFL's/Class 2 SOT's. This unit accurately locates the Class II cutout for the SEF (only) select-fire trigger group to fit onto the semi-auto frame without any modification to the semi receiver. The entire completion process may be easily done with only a Dremel tool and its metal cutting disc in less than 10 minutes. A patent has been applied for (patent pending).

 As is evident from the photos included below, considerable time was spent in the design and manufacture of this jig as well as creating the very detailed jig usage instructions with color 3D CAD drawings.  Instructions are attached to the email when the USPS tracking number is sent.

 Jig/template assemblies and supporting parts in the photos are included (trigger groups or trigger boxes and/or trigger pack assemblies, parts, and tools are not included).

This fixture may be lawfully owned by anyone, but ALL NFA RULES APPLY regarding the use of the features incorporated into this product. You (the purchaser) are solely responsible for how this item is used and I (the seller) shall not be held accountable for any misuse of these drilling jigs by you (the purchaser), whether Class II or not.

All parts included are either “New or Old Testament Scripture Engraved”, if that offends, please purchase another product from another vendor. My products are made in America, by Americans, for Americans.

Shipping is $20 by USPS priority mail. All mailed transactions are done anonymously and money orders/cashier’s checks are the only accepted forms of payment.

To see videos depicting both this item and the rest of my product line, go to YouTube and search      User 208307 


To see videos depicting both this item and the rest of my product line, click the link below.




At checkout, be sure to add 07 FFL/02 SOT to the company info line under your name.


Sales outside of the United States have to be transacted via telephone with credit card information exchanged.  Extra shipping and insurance fees as well as paperwork filings are involved.


After purchasing my jig, your credit card statement will show the following as the vendor:





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An addendum for those who understand:


I was a pre-trib person. I am very disappointed to say that “window” has now closed. Therefore the next 7 years are only going to get increasingly difficult. It is now your responsibility to do what is necessary to protect your loved ones as we move forward.

I was faithfully hoping I would get to miss all of this.


Don’t ever forget that the Supreme Court has ruled that police (at any level of government), DO NOT have the constitutional duty to protect you. That is and always has been solely up to you.





H & K modification jig for SEF box to convert semi receivers

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