AR PRO intermediate for AR-15
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This compact jig assembly is designed specifically for 80% mil. spec. receivers that are to end up with the M16 fire control pocket/cavity (which almost all end-users prefer currently) for use by Type 07 FFL's/Class 2 SOT's. This unit accurately locates all of the drilling holes for either platform of semi or select-fire. The entire AR 80% completion process may be easily done with only a drill press and Dremel tool for those who do not have access to a milling machine. This unit is also popular with Law Enforcement armorers in that their current semi-auto carbines can be easily reconfigured to select-fire at their premises and then their tax-exempt Form 1 is filed. That way there is no longer any wait for acquisition because of a BATF approval of an LE transfer, nor is there the loss of control by having to ship the firearm off-site.


Due to demand by other Class II manufacturers, This kit only has (2) M16-only top plates (1 milling and 1 drilling). This way Class II's can directly make their M16 version rather than make the AR first and then convert to select-fire using conversion templates. Another insert (with an additional drilling bushing) has been added for the drilling of the trigger through the bottom (80% mil.spec. forgings only-without permanent trigger guard). Non-Class II end-users may use this jig for their AR rifles but they cannot drill the auto-sear holes without violating NFA rules.


The AR PRO is a complete jig/final assembly system and has many options which are not included here. This is a ‘no frills’ lower cost variant of the AR PRO with only the basic hardware required to machine out a fully operational rifle.


As with my other jig offerings there is also a very detailed jig usage instructions with color 3D cutaway CAD drawings which include all listed (.001”) measurements which are sent via email upon shipping confirmation after the sale.

 While most other jigs out in the marketplace take full advantage of the "precision slop" of an AR-15, my jigs have to be precise due to the lineup of hammer to bolt and autosear to bolt trip point.  AR's just need the hammer to be re-cocked each time, whereas M-16's have to be exact for proper release/catch of the hammer.

The 80% lower receivers which I sell directly from my website are not the usual gun manufacturer "out-of-spec seconds” that have been flooding the market lately. Many of these have been over-sized in width. As a result, a new modification has been added. If the receiver is too wide, my top pieces would justify themselves to one side or the other leading to an off-center condition. Now with the current revision, the top pieces ‘free float’ from the sideplates, but are locked in place-centered with the magazine well opening which is always machine-centered for proper firearm ‘action’. Those who have purchased this unit in the past, contact me if you are interested in the upgraded replacement parts.

Hardened steel drilling bushings have been inserted into the sideplates for the hammer pin, trigger pin, auto-sear, as well as the fire select switch and trigger for long-term reuse.


In addition, while the other Class II select-fire conversion jigs only attempt to layout just one auto-sear hole; these additional features are also incorporated into this kit to accurately mark both holes on both sides as well as include the top (select-fire) milling template along with denoting the 3 unique depths of the auto-fire control pocket on the jig’s sides. No other jig kit has anything remotely similar to these features.


Also included in these instructions are the little known and rarely disclosed armorers’ techniques regarding the bolt/auto-sear release “timing” measurements which are done with a feeler gauge through the magazine well.


Perhaps the easiest would be for you to refer to the AR PRO description and notice what this jig doesn’t have. The accuracy of my entire jig line is the same for all shapes and holes required.


This fixture may be lawfully owned by anyone, but ALL NFA RULES APPLY regarding the use of some of the features incorporated into this product. You (the purchaser) are solely responsible for how this item is used and I (the seller) shall not be held accountable for any misuse of this drilling/milling jig by you (the purchaser), whether Class II or not.


It is important to remember that to fully comply with ATF’s “home made” rulings, make certain that whatever manufacturer’s 80% lower you decide to start with has not had any type of prior work done (even including work done by a friend) in the fire control pocket area (which includes any kind of top, bottom, or side holes, marked holes, or even depressions/grooves). If it has, it would no longer meet the 80% criteria and therefore would already be classified by ATF as a live firearm and your work on it (unless you are already a Class II manufacturer) would immediately put you (the purchaser) at risk for violating the Gun Control Act.


These items are usually shipped by the next business day.  My products are made in America, by Americans, for Americans.


Shipping is $20 by USPS priority mail. All transactions are done anonymously and money orders/cashier’s checks get a cash discount, whereas charge cards are for sale amount at end of auction.


This jig along with all of the others that I design, manufacture, and sell, was “over-engineered” for those who value their time and money. Since I have attempted to foresee and surmount any and all possible errors which could happen during your construction(s), the possibility of your making mistakes approaches zero.


Nothing is more disappointing than a mishap that requires a replacement receiver or part. Not only is there a monetary loss, but there is also the frustration factor due to the lost time in the work thus far, perhaps a broken tool or fixture, then there is the wait involved for the replacements to arrive from the other supplier via shipping. Now what should have been reasonably fun has become work. That being said, if you are unsure of your milling capabilities, let me remind you that this jig is made of plastic and is NOT designed to be a machining tool stop. If you hit plastic with a high speed steel mill bit at 2,000RPM, the plastic will always shatter, which means pilot error.


In my efforts to make this the finest, most accurate jig available, I continually re-examine my product line and I also listen to suggestions by my customer base. That being said, there is always the possibility that an update/revision has been incorporated and the product may have changed in either shape or color from what has been pictured. Regardless, the functionality for which the jig was designed for will ALWAYS be enhanced with each revision.


I also now offer forged mil.spec. unmarked, anodized, enhanced 80% receiver blanks. These are not the blemished versions as offered by other vendors. Contact me for pricing, availability, and details.



To see videos depicting both this item and the rest of my product line, click the link below.


Sales outside of the United States have to be transacted via telephone with credit card information exchanged.  Extra shipping and insurance fees as well as paperwork filings are involved.


After purchasing my jig, your credit card statement will show the following as the vendor:





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AR PRO intermediate for AR-15

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